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In the spring of 2020, during lock down, many French people realized that if logistics came to a halt, there would be no more medicines, no more masks, no more food, no more essential products, no more deliverymen... Despite this revelation, most of our fellow citizens still only know logistics in its most visible form. As for the concept of Supply Chain Management, which mobilizes resources at strategic, tactical and operational levels, it remains largely unknown, not only to the general public, but also to the media, education, politics, business and intellectual circles.


Based on this observation, Jean-Philippe Guillaume and Simon Leroux came up with the idea of creating a comic strip which, in an educational and entertaining way, explores the different aspects of the Supply Chain. The aim of this book is to take a humble approach to the subject, using situations that many professionals have already experienced. The drawings are complemented by a few explanatory texts that shed further light on the subject, particularly for "non-initiated" readers.


"Supply Chain Superheroes" is also a tribute to all those who, at the height of the health crisis, carried out their duties in warehouses, loading bays, trucks and sorting centers. In these extraordinary circumstances, logistics professionals have shown great determination and exemplary courage.

Supply Chain Superheroes

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