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Supply Chain Superheroes

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62 Pages - Format : 21x29,7cm

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The comic strip for those around you who never understood exactly what you did.

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Supply Chain Managers have a wonderful job, but they often get the blues. The fact is, logistics (and even more so the supply chain) are still largely unknown to the general public and institutions alike. Worst of all, their role within the company is sometimes misunderstood and underestimated. But things are changing fast. E-commerce, multi-channel, the Covid crisis... have all highlighted the essential role of the Supply Chain. To secure the flow of goods, and gain in agility and speed, companies need to be able to rely on a robust, responsive and resilient Supply Chain. This requires advanced skills at all levels: strategic, tactical and operational. Supply Chain Managers have nothing to worry about: the future belongs to them.

Based on this observation, Jean-Philippe Guillaume and Simon Leroux came up with the idea of creating a comic strip which, in an educational and entertaining way, explores the different aspects of the Supply Chain. The aim of this book is to take a humble approach to the subject, using situations that many professionals have already experienced. The drawings are complemented by a few explanatory texts that shed further light on the subject, particularly for "non-initiated" readers.

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In the spring of 2020, during lock down, many French people realized that if logistics came to a halt, there would be no more medicines, no more masks, no more food, no more essential products, no more deliverymen... Despite this revelation, most of our fellow citizens still only know logistics in its most visible form. As for the concept of Supply Chain Management, which mobilizes resources at strategic, tactical and operational levels, it remains largely unknown, not only to the general public, but also to the media, education, politics, business and intellectual circles.

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Un directuer supply chain qui chante le blues

Supply Chain
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The comic strip for those around you who never understood exactly what you did.


Le portrait de Jean-Philippe Guimlaume

As a journalist, Jean-Philippe GUILLAUME has been covering the logistics sector since 1991. He was editor-in-chief of “Logistique Magazine” until 1997, and in the same year created "Stratégie Logistique". He was co-founder of Supply Chain Magazine in 2005, co-founder of the event "Rois de la Supply Chain" in 2007, and co-founder of the "Supply Chain Event" trade show in 2012. In 2018 he created the digital media, Supply Chain Village, in collaboration with Agora Managers Groupe, and directs several program series as Editorial Director of Agora Médias.

Le portrait de Simon Leroux

Illustrator and graphic facilitator, Simon LEROUX founded “Le Pouvoir Des Images” in early 2020. He works in particular with logistics and supply chain players, with whom he co-creates illustrated visual solutions that facilitate the understanding of complex processes, increase the level of team collaboration, accelerate change, and improve the effectiveness of communication.He believes deeply in the power of images, and drawing in particular, to produce clarity in an increasingly complex world.

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